Summery Treat

My apologies for the delayed post. I had some Blogger scheduling issues last week, which resulted in this post (which was scheduled prior to the 4th) getting posted after realizing it was still sitting in my queue as a draft.  


A few weeks back, I shared some outfit photos that were taken in the kitchen right before preparing dinner. On the dinner menu that night: fresh guacamole. With grilling season among us, I thought it appropriate to share the recipe. Serve with your choice of chips and invite your closest friends and family to join you.  While the margaritas are optional, they are always a great compliment!  Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

The Essentials
2-3 Avocados
2 drops of lemon juice
3 drops of lime juice
1 diced tomato
salt and pepper to taste


Anonymous said...

Just started reading your blog and you have me drooling over this picture of guacamole. But after reading the recipe you use, I just had to comment. I'm sure this recipe would taste nice and refreshing on some chips in the summer time, but you're missing 3 of my favorite guac ingredients: cilantro, onion and jalepenos! They really make the guacamole. You should try it sometime!

Love your blog!

Gracie said...

Vienna, thank you for stopping by and for the constructive feedback. I, too, like cilantro, onion and (sometimes) jalapeƱos in my guacamole, but for whatever reason this summer I've really been into avocado and have enjoyed keeping it simple :)


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