Meet Our Green Side Table

Remember several weeks back (or maybe a month, but who's really keeping track...) I decided to paint an old side table and put it somewhere in the house? Well, I finally did it and the end result is perfection!  After just a few days of coming home from work and applying several coats of paint, we now have a super cute bright green side table in our living room! I love the pop of bright color that the table adds to our living space.

The before shot. I forgot to get a picture before applying primer to the top. You can imagine what it looked like though... same dingy brown color.

After the first coat of primer. The shelf on the bottom tested what little patience I have.  And, I had to turn it over to get to the bottom of the legs.  I did this both on the second coat of primer and the second coat of green paint.

My husband nearly passed out when he saw my color choice :) 

After my first coat of paint. Again... must. demonstrate. patience.

And, the final product!

1 comment:

Emily said...

Ahhh! Now it looks so stylish, contempory and chic! Bold colour choice that completely worked! Very Springtime!

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