stuck in the middle with you

Thankfully the snow from the weekend is melting quickly, and since the sun is back to making an appearance in the mornings, I finally get to wear something other than sweater dresses and scarves to work. However, I will admit that being stuck in between seasons can be sartorially challenging for me - especially during this time of year. I find myself hesitant of bearing open toes without tights. And, I am still restraining myself from wearing too many sheer fabrics for fear of Mother Nature reverting back to cooler temperatures at some point in the day. Yesterday, layering was the perfect solution which meant I was able to go without my trench between work and class. A shirt dress and cardigan paired with leggings and boots (because let's face it - it was 30 degrees in the morning) was appropriate attire for both morning and afternoon. The only thing I would have liked better was a little more color. Maybe next week my goal should be pastels…

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