Friday Night Cruisin'

The hubbie and I recently got a new car - a two seater convertible - that we have been itching to take out for a drive with the top down.  So, we decided to celebrate the weekend and 60 degree weather by taking a little Friday night drive. 

Happy Weekend, dear readers!

Side note: We also saw Alice in Wonderland - more on this later.  So many style inspirations, so little time!


Emily said...

Looks awesome!

How was Alice in Wonderland? I cannot wait to see that film!

Gracie said...

thanks! we had so much fun last night and today riding around in our new car :)

the movie was a-ma-zing! loved the outfits, make-up, Johnny Depp... I thought the movie was great! Classic dark, twisted Tim Burton

alixrose said...

How awesome! I would love to get a convertible, but as long as I live in Seattle.. I can only dream about it! Congrats!

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