better late than never

I don't usually post this late in the day, but I haven't felt the best in the last 24 hours.  So, after several doses of NyQuil resulting in nearly 18 hours of sleep, I finally feel like looking at something other than the back of my eyelids.  Regardless, I did want to round out the week with a few things that made it a little bit brighter.  The first is the shirt you see above. I am in love with the vintage Barbie graphic on this tank.  I found it several years back while shopping at Target (of all places!). The graphic adds an interesting little detail to just about any outift.  I would show you the entire outfit, but I took this picture yesterday evening after taking the most annoying exam ever, and the look on my face shows it.  Trust me, the tank is all you really need to see.  

While outside taking my outfit photos, I also came across this....
The first signs of spring in my yard! These yellow buds will turn into gorgeous daffodils in a few short weeks when they open up!

And, finally thank you to Emily of pamja libri for the blog award! This is the first award I've received and I couldn't think of a better lady from which to receive the award.  And, in the spirit of giving I will give it to another fantastic bloggette - Gracey Loo of Money Smart Fashion

Happy weekend, dear readers! I'll see you on The Flip Side!


Emily said...

Hope the exam doesn't cloud your weekend! Groovy Barbie print! Sunshine daffs might bloom in time for Easter!

Gracey Loo said...

Thank you, Thank you! you are too sweet.

The shoes I got recently, like a week ago. They are super comfy:)


Dessinatrice said...

I love the Barbie graphic, it's very cute! exams.. blegh. We should have a blog party when we're all done, this torture seems to be a trend right now

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