shades, Payless sample; jacket, Kohls $13; scarf, Payless sample;
shirt, TJ Maxx $5; jeans, Kohls $6; boots, Payless $15

Ever have those days when the motivation to crawl out of bed doesn't come so easy? I call those my funk days. Well, today I had a funk day. Maybe my funk is due to the fact that we received yet another snow storm over the weekend.  Did you catch that in the background?  Dear Mother Nature, it's me Gracie.  Did you forget that it's almost April?!

Regardless of the reason, on funk days I spend a little more time than usual thinking about my clothing choice. I knew that in order to crawl my way out of my funk today I needed to have fun with my outfit.

And, look at that... I think its working! I see a hint of a smile after all...


Gracey Loo said...

love the jacket.. and the shirt! and the new banner up top, it looks great!



Emily said...

Gah, funk days are draining! All too easy to be miserable, so being playful with the clothing is definately the way to go! Liking the checks!

kanzaman said...

I saw the pic and knew it was what it would take to get me out of my funk. I returned home from work, put the same sort of look together, although I had to compromise a bit on the boots, and went back to work. Let's just say the rest of the day was interesting. Oh, the boots were more for duck hunting than fashion.... :)

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