Inspired by: Asian Fusion

The Inspiration
Marc Jacobs Brocade Jacket
My Version
Last week I was browsing one of my all-time favorite fashion blogs - Who What Wear -when I saw something that got me really excited: Asian influenced clothing.  You see, about a month ago the hubbie and I spent several days in DC with his aunt and uncle.  During our visit, his aunt was generous enough to let me peruse her closet for items that I might like.  That was when she introduced me to this beautiful jacket that she purchased while they were living in Japan.  I love the beautiful detailing, and the quality is surperb.  Not that the Marc Jacobs Brocade Jacket above isn't gorgeous... but I like to think mine has a special "umph" that you can't purchase from a store.

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Emily said...

Your jacket is lovely! I love the detail in the embroidery on Asian garments. I hear Asian fusion is growing in the fashion-sphere...your jacket is going to get a lot of love!

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