What do you think?

Since I spent the majority of the night procrastinating studying for my Supply Chain exam, it seemed only logical to instead work on redesigning the blog.  What do you think?  Do you give it two thumbs up?

PS - can you tell I spent some time in Photoshop?


Glenda said...

Hey Grace!

I like your overall design, but have to admit that I miss the red shoes! Cool pic, though.


Emily said...

Looking good!

Delane said...

Since I read most blogs via a reader I never get to see all the cool designs. Looks great!


Ashley J said...

I think it looks good Gracie:)


Gracie said...

Thanks for the feedback, gals! Glenda, I'm with you I really liked the red shoes but since it's not my work I felt the need to remove it from the site. Maybe I can find a way to incorporate it back into the blog somehow...

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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