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Sterling Silver with Anodized Aluminum Necklace
This past Saturday I was privileged to get to visit with Britta McKee, a local jewelry designer and owner of Tobias Designs. Britta graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in metalsmithing and jewelry and, let me tell you, this jewelry designer has some major talent. I dropped by to see Britta at her workshop, which just happens to be located in her home (side note: nicest person ever, with the cutest little family ever... felt like I had known her for years by the time I left!). 

Britta likes for each person to interpret her work in their own way and I was immediately drawn to a nature-inspired theme. Her collection reminds me part of leaves floating from the tree tops during autumn and part of flowers blooming in spring. Not to mention how she effortlessly intertwines surprising materials into her jewelry (you must check out her wool rings below - so cool!). In fact, quite a few of her pieces are made from anodized aluminum, like the necklace seen above. 
Autumn Rain

Fortunately for me, Britta is so nice that I was able to play dress up try on a few pieces! I have to tell you that wearing her jewelry is as fun as it looks. I could have stayed all day gazing at her work and trying to figure out a way to take it all home! 
Junkyard Beauty - talk about a statement necklace!

Anodize Earrings

I saw these fun little rings in her Etsy shop prior to visiting with her and was completely intrigued. So, of course the first question I asked was "what are these made of?!" Wool. She bought these cute little bundles of wool from another Etsy shop owner because they looked cool and then decided that they would make great rings! Ingenious.
Transparent Music

And, I have to admit that while I loved her entire collection, I was completely enamored with her rings. She has a vast assortment of beautiful and unique rings. Rings that make a statement. I, however, had my sights set on this little cutie - The Dipin' Dots ring. And, at the end of our visit she was so kind as to let me take it home. Thank you Britta!

Burnt Corn and Junkyard Beauty
Negative Flats Ring - this was the first piece she ever sold!

So, now you know where to go to get a great statement necklace or conversation starting ring! Go check out her gallery and Etsy shop today!

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Anonymous said...

what a great feature! She has some truly lovely pieces!

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