breaking up is hard to do

With the true first day of Fall quickly approaching (it's Thursday, in case you weren't aware), I thought this weekend would be a great time to start boxing up the 'ole summer favs to make room for my fall/winter clothing. However, it wasn't nearly as gratifying as I had thought it would be. Like every other fashionista right now, I've been salivating over layered sweaters and knee high boots for weeks. So, I thought clearing out my summer clothes would be fun. Instead, I kind of felt like I was breaking up with them. "Dear summer clothes, it's not you, it's me...."

So, to make them me feel a little bit better I decided to give it one last go around. I pulled out my cut off shorts, threw on these super cute espadrille-inspired flats that I snagged from Target last weekend ($8!) and the hubbs and I cooked kabobs on the grill! 

"Can we still be friends?" xo, Gracie


Between Laundry Days said...

I really love this! Those shoes truly pull it all together.

Grace, Money Smart Fashion said...

ha! i wore my cut off's yesterday! It's still summer here.

Ps. love the shoes, they are perfect.

FashionAddict said...

LOVETH the shoes! They are so cute, especially with this outfit.

Miss ED said...

Great shoes, and OMG is breaking up hard to do :( I love Fall fashion, but much prefer Summer temperature!

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