fun with accessories!

ring, c/o Tobias Designs; nail polish, Sally Hansen "Wet Cement"
It is my fashion belief that there are two things every girl must have fun with regardless of age: jewelry and nail polish. This weekend I had a blast with both (more details later this week!), and it all started on Friday with some Silly Bandz. Yes, I know my age. I got enough crap from my husband that evening when I wore them to dinner with his family. However, my Silly Bandz wound up being a hit with everyone, when after two pitchers of margaritas we ended up playing "guess what animal this Silly Band is" before shooting them at each other! 

Then, on Saturday this beautiful little ring became the newest piece in my collection. I love how the pops of colors look like they are bursting out of the ring! It makes me think of balloons or confetti... or maybe popcorn (that was actually my BFF's interpretation). Either way, I had fun. Oh yeah, and I painted my nails grey :) 

So, tell me dear readers, what did you do for fun this weekend?


Anonymous said...

that ring is awesome! love it!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh what a fun ring. I love all of the colors. You could wear that with so many different things I love it!


Joe Joe said...

Um . . . I studied and changed my blog address to joe-talk.blogspot.com . . . yeah, I'm cool like that! Oh -- and did you get that banner I sent you?? I need you to do something for me to complete it . . .

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