a few of my favorite things

In a list of my top ten favorite things, autumn would definitely rank toward the top. Oddly enough, the season is also a luxury that I was not accustomed to until about 5 years ago. You see, growing up in the south there were two temperatures: hot and miserable. However, experiencing four distinct seasons has become one of the best parts of moving west. And, autumn has quickly become my favorite of the four. The scenery turns beautiful shades of orange, red and yellow. During the day, my house remains a "just right" temperature with as little as an open window. And, at night I curl up under multiple blankets and listen to the chirping of wildlife in the crisp night air. Not to mention, I get to explore pieces of clothing I never owned as a child. Yesterday, I single-handedly managed to wear, all at once, every piece of clothing I love most. Grey (shut up Joe!) cardigan? check. Skinny jeans? check. Scarf? check. Knee-high boots? check. 
yep, yesterday was just about perfect ;)


briannelee said...

Really like the scarf!!!!

Ari said...

Love this outfit! and love autumn too. New England is the best in case you ever want to see fantastic foliage.

Jilliebeanie said...

Wow! Love your style - that scarf is so cool!

FashionAddict said...

This is such a fantastic casual outfit. I heart that cardigan. Did you get it this year?

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