playing catch-up

Last week was a crazy week, which meant this weekend was filled with homework, photo taking, laundry and all the other things I missed during the week. This outfit was actually from last Thursday. Layering is probably my favorite part of getting dressed during the Fall/Winter seasons. I will keep a cardi like this one from Kohl's readily available from now until March.

In other news... the bangs are back! Thoughts, feelings, emotions? I wasn't gonna, but I went in for a trim and some low lights and decided to complete the look. I'm kinda diggin' it was the waves. We'll see how long they last. We've always had an on-again/off-again, love/hate relationship.


Nikki said...

i like the bangs! some people can pull them off; you are one of those people! i went back to bangs last year (haven't had them since i was a kid), and we have a love-hate relationship too. is your hair naturally wavy like that, or do you make it do that?

Maria at Bachman's Sparrow said...

Love the boots! Are they flat or heeled?

xoxo Maria

Gracie said...

Thanks ladies! No, Nikki, unfortunately my hair is not naturally wavy :( I have to make it do this with a curling iron and some hairspray. Another blog I read, "Kendi Everyday" did a great tutorial on how to make your hair look like this.

And, Maria - the boots do have heels... I love these boots so much! Even after a year together :)

Not What It Seams said...

I love those boots! I have been looking for a great pair of brown boots, and those are perfect! Such a cute outfit by the way!

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